I will be delighted to help you capture your ideas through my eyes, hands and heart. 
For more details please contact me via email to: 


Its all about details!
Complete and send me by email the following questionnaire (listed below) and offer as all the detail as possible; if you have and idea, colors, emotions, symbols, as more detailed the better. If accepted into the commission calendar, you will receive an email from me.

-First and last name
-Describe your idea, you can add pictures, references, examples and explain what inspires you, favorite colors and all the deep thoughts that you have for your art piece,
-Color theme
-Orientation (vertical or horizontal)
-Do you need a payment plan? 

Designing the artwork...
Once I accept your proposal, you will be sent an invoice to the value of 50% of the grand total in order to secure your commission, then she will present you a digital sketch of your piece for the approval.

Always in touch
We will arrange a Zoom meeting to know each other and talk a little deeper into your concept.
After that, I will create a digital mock-up of the piece for your approval.

And the magic begins!
I will be painting and sharing on my social media pictures and videos about the process.
You will receive a final progress pic towards the end of the process for any last adjustments.


Once your special work of art is complete, I will show you the finished piece to you and you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance. 

After the painting is ready and varnished, you will receive it with a surprise print and certificate of authenticity.

Payment plans are available under request.

Payment plans are customized to suit your needs. Please note that all payments are non-refundable and if 2 months pass without payment the production of the piece will cease or will the original be made available to the public.

If you want another size or if you have another idea or budget about what you want we can discuss another possibility, Im open to your ideas!  


Terms + Conditions

Commission Agreement


The purpose of this contract is to ensure clarity and transparency throughout the commission process. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee that your application will be successful.


  • Once delivered, you own the original piece and reserve the right to the display the artwork in your favorite place. The artist retains all copyright and reproduction rights to any and all artwork produced. This includes and is not limited to the means of resale through prints and merchandise. The purchase of partial or full rights to the artwork is firmly unattainable and is not subject to negotiation.


  • The artist requires a non-refundable 50% deposit before starting your painting to reserve your spot.

  • Payment options include PayPal and direct transfer as sent via invoice.

  • Completion time may vary due to the complexity of the artwork.

  • Please note that all quotes will expire within 30 days of completing this application.

  • If the payment has not been received within 30 days of delivery to your inbox, the artwork will be re-sold with no refund to you.


  • No matter the destination it will be delivered directly to your door. The artwork will be sent with a certificate of authenticity, a gift from Valeria and warranty for shipment.


  • The client can do 2 adjustments within the agreed upon price. If further adjustments are requested, a fee of $100 per adjustment will be added to the final sum.

    You will be provided with a digital mock-up of the piece for your approval. All digital mock-ups are a idea to draw upon within the painting process. The digital design will not be absolutely identical to the finished art piece, but it will be unique and beautiful and the most similar to the original digital design. Remember, digital art and mix media such oils, acrylics and other classic techniques has their own richness, character and magic.


  • All original purchases including commissions are final. As your custom piece is personalized, I personally pay a generous amount to select the best material, shipping and handling for you. Additionally as the commissioning process is often lengthy the 50% deposit secures your place in the commission calendar and pays for a portion of my time developing and designing for you. The 50% deposit is strictly non-refundable.

*Framing is not included, If you want a frame I can offer you some of my options.
* Most of my Canvases are PROFESSIONAL Artist Grade Canvas with 1.25” Depth, with
Finished Backing, Metal Screw Fasteners and corner bumpers. ALSO I OFFER Traditionally-Stretched Canvas, THEY are available in three wrap depths, 0.75" Thin Wrap, 1.5" Thick Wrap, and 2.5".